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Built2go > Member Downloads > Rate My Photo v2 Beta > Rate My Photo 3C v2 Beta
This Product Has 13 Pages:
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This Product Has 13 Pages:
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A photo submission software that allows users to rate each other's photo submissions, make comments on photos, private message, and more. Also includes non scripted HTML version of templates, and a full corporate ID.

Product Name: Rate My Photo 3C v2 Beta
Type: Rate My Photo v2 Beta
Version: 2.0.0 Beta
Script Size: 1.2 MB
Design Files : 16.27 MB
Price: Included with Membership
Change Log

PHP Script Files
HTML Template Files
External CSS Style Sheet
Photoshop PSD Files
7 Animated Banners
Logo (300 DPI CMYK PSD, JPG)
Business Card (300 DPI CMYK PSD, JPG)
Envelope (300 DPI CMYK PSD, JPG)
Fax Cover Sheet (300 DPI CMYK PSD, JPG)
Administrator Features:
Plug-in Ads

*Google Adsense

*Any Other Copy/Paste Ad

Admin Break-In Protection

User / Admin Logging

Skinable Template system

Locations Editing

Dynamic form fields

*Add Unlimited Form Fields

*Enable or Disable Fields.

Multi tier Category System

Faq Management

Payment Processors






*Add New Modules on the Fly

Media Section

*Add / View / Modify /Delete

*Review / Comment Section

Search for Reviews

*by media id

*by user id

*by file name

*by media name

*by date

Search for Users

*by name

*by email

*by date joined

*by user id

*by status

*by ID

User Section

*Add / View / Modify /Delete

Coupon System

System Setting Controls

*Debug mode

*Media Options

*Pending Review Toggle

*Comment Activation

*Pending Registration Toggle

*Captcha Toggle

*Image Path Settings

*Coupon Use Toggle

*Photo / Video Activation

*RSS Activation

*DST Settings

*Password Strength

*Search Engine Friendly URLs

*Password settings

*Tag Cloud

SSl Enabled

Censorship Controls

Bad Word Filter

Email Ban

IP Ban

New Language Switcher

Language Manager

*Multiple Languages

*Currency Settings

*Country Code settings

*Date / Time settings

Fully Editable Template

Full PSD/Source Files Included

Sliced HTML Version of Template Included

Full Banner Set Included

Full Corporate ID Included

Display Users Online Stats
  User Features:
Security CAPTCHA Image Login

Member Registration

*Free / Paid Registration

Private Member Section

*Users Update/Modify Media

*Detailed Profile Management

*Password Activation Alerts

*Opt Out of Comments

*Opt Out of Private Messages

*Send/Receive Private Messages

Complete Site Map

Interactive Poll

Mail Shoot Contact Form

User Password Lookup System



Share Media with a Friend

Multiple Media Upload

BBcode for Comment Descriptions

Video Uploads

RSS Feeds

*Newest Media feeds

*Feeds by Top Rated

*Feeds by Most Rated

*PDF Flyers

Abuse Report

Guest Comments

Category BreadCrumb trail

Abuse Report

Title page bread crumb

Auto-Blocks Duplicate Votes

Public Last Logged In Status

Rate Photos without an Account

Public Site Stats

All User Media Link

User Profile section

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Mysql 4.x (for scripted version)
Zend or Ioncube Loader (for scripted version)
PHP 5.2+ (for scripted version)
AceFTP Freeware
AceFTP Storage
Gif Movie Gear
VMN Toolbar Wizard
Free AceHTML Software
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